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Brand: Iridium

Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone

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Iridium Prepaid SIM

The Iridium Pre Paid SIM card for all Iridium Satellite Phones This Iridium Pre Paid SIM card fits all Iridium Satellite Phones (Extreme 9575, Iridium 9555, Iridium GO!). The SIM card is a MINI SIM. Iridium Pre Paid SIM cards can be charged with different credit packages with different validity periods. The smallest package is 70min for 30days. Unused...

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Reference: IRI-PrP-GUT

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Iridium Prepay Credits

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  • satellite, terminel, data link, iridum certus, connection, sea, maritime, thales, marine, internet, global, ocean,
  • satellite terminal, marine, connection, internet, data, sea, iridium, iridium certus, global, terminal, satellite

Rent Iridium Certus Thales Vesselink


The Thales VesseLink Maritim Version

Simple, safe and seaworthy

The Thales terminal is characterized by its special robustness and technical reliability even under the toughest conditions on the high seas. The lightweight ODU external antenna can be perfectly mounted on mast, bridge or stern. The antenna is specially optimized for the movements of the boat to achieve the best reception in any position. Antenna and terminal are certified to MIL-STD -810G and IEC60945 against salt, rain and corrosion.

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Iridium's network offers you many advantages at sea

Reliable communication is important to you for your adventure with your sailboat, yacht and every imaginable type of boat in the Mediterranean, Atlantic to the polar regions?

  • Benefit from the global coverage provided by the satellite constellation of the Iridium network, which enables reception even in the far north and towards Antarctica.
  • Certus Terminal offers various security features such as Internet filter, port blocking, blacklist, whitelist.
  • The VesseLink offers for your maritime safety a connection possibility for an external alarm switch which activates an alarm and permanent tracking in case of emergency. The Thales terminal is being prepared for certification for the Global GMDSS system.
  • The VesseLink is perfect as a data terminal for connecting telemedicine diagnostic equipment such as ECG and live chat with medical support. Also for transmission of telemetry data from engine, vessel data and connection to experts in case of technical problems. Additional security is provided by tracking and up to 3 parallel voice connections.
  • Fast data connections currently up to 704kbps and low latency voice communication.
    The Certus network is regularly expanded with new features.

VesseLINK uses Iridium Certus broadband services via a network of 66 satellites covering 100% of the world, including the oceans and the poles. The VesseLink uses this robust network service to provide highly reliable, mobile and essential voice, text and web communications.

Due to Iridium's satellite connection, you are not bound to a direct line of sight to the equator, but can also establish a network connection on the north side (northern hemisphere) of a mountain as long as the Iridium satellite is above you. This is also true in bays or fjords. This would quickly be the case in northern countries, for example, from which geostationary satellites are almost inaccessible.

The Thales VesseLink is characterized by its particular robustness and high quality workmanship of all components, for example, connectors, resistance to seawater and sea spray, mounting option on the ship, user-friendly interface and servicing. The high-quality and lightweight antenna optimized for the Iridum Certus network has no moving parts inside. The terminal and the antenna are certified according to MIL-STD -810G and IEC 60945 for the temperature range of -40C - +55C. To provide teams with Internet access, up to 12 terminals can be connected to the VesseLink via WLAN. Likewise, 3 LAN ports with PoE are available and one WAN port can be used for cellular connections.

The VesseLink can be operated with 12 volts DC.


  • IP data internet connection with up to 700 kbps (down) / 352 kbps (up)
  • Streaming up to 256 kbps
  • 3 OIP voice lines with standard or high voice quality
  • SBD (Short burst data) for e.g. IoT, telemetry or M2M (up to 64 kbps)
  • Tracking
  • Solution ready
  • Easy to use user interface, all functions available with browser via WIFI or LAN
  • Integrated WLAN access point according to 802.11b / g
  • Multi-user capability, up to 12 connected devices
  • Robust IP66 antenna cable
  • IP52 BDU connector

Please note our tips and terms and conditions for renting satellite-based data terminals at the tab "Notes on renting" below.

Product Details

Scope of delivery

  • Thales VesseLink Below Deck Unit (BDU Terminal)
  • Thales VesseLink Above Deck Unit (ADU Antenne)
  • WLAN Antenna
  • AC/DC power supply with 1 cable with EU plug, 1 cable with US plug
  • 25 m Antenna calbe
  • ADU Standard Mounting Kit
  • BDU Mounting KIT
  • 3 m Ethernet cable
  • Drill hole drawings for Antenna and Terminal Mounting
  • VesseLink Quick Start Guide (QSG)

Rental Terms

Choosing the right data terminal

The first selection criterion is the destination and the method of travel
Are you traveling by car, on land, or by sea with your own or chartered boat?
Your travel destination is also decisive with regard to the selection of the right terminal and satellite network, since, for example, there are fewer network providers to choose from for the Atlantic than for the Mediterranean or the Arabian Sea.  From a technical point of view, what is relevant for the selection is which Internet services you will need for your trip or deployment. If you are mainly concerned with tracking, short text messages or short weather information, other devices can be used than for broadband connections with which you can surf the Internet almost as usual and create all services from apps to VPN connections directly to your corporate network. To determine the hardware and provider, it is advisable to make a rough calculation of the expected data volume to find the most cost-effective tariff for you. When using your own IT hardware, it makes sense to install a laptop, tablet or smartphone with only the software you actually need. Keep in mind that many apps want to "call home" permanently and do so, causing very high data consumption very quickly, which can be very expensive. A properly set up firewall or an app like NETGUARD for Android, tablets and smartphones can prevent unwanted traffic. It is possible to set up consumption limits on the operator side that block access when a certain level of consumption is reached. It should be noted that the consumption count does not always run in real time but can also be delayed by various factors and the set limit can also be exceeded. We expressly point out that each tenant and all their users are fully responsible for consumption and will be charged without deduction. With regard to the importance of maintaining communication at sea or away from any mobile phone coverage, a full lockout of the terminal can become critical as it is then no longer possible to communicate in an emergency. Experience has shown that the data consumption predicted for the voyage was usually higher than expected, so it is usually much cheaper to use a larger data package to be able to surf the Internet more carefree and save yourself high costs. Installation and assembly, with the terminals offered by us for renting, assembly devices for KFZ and boat are included. On car roofs you use magnetic feet and for mounting on the boat a mast holder for vertical masts. With the antenna cable you connect the terminal below deck or inside the vehicle on boat and car. Depending on the terminal, this can be connected by 12V or 110/230V. When laying the cable, please note that these high-quality but sensitive high-frequency cables must not be kinked, pinched or otherwise damaged.

Telephoning with data terminals

Depending on the manufacturer and network operator, the terminals are equipped with a telephony module or can be used with VoIP phones or apps.  Certus offers 3 phone numbers in the Inmarsat network directly on the terminal or VoIP depending on the service, in the network of Thuraya you use VoIP or the Thuraya Talk App. Please note that for VoIP connections, depending on the provider of the VoIP service, a certain data consumption will be charged per MB.

The right SIM card for your destination

In order for us to offer the most cost-effective tariff option for your trip, please inform us about your destination. For example, Thuraya offers the NOVA SIM card, which is cheaper in NOVA countries, and the Standard SIM, which is much cheaper for use on marine areas in international waters.

Travel with data terminals and phones

Our rental data terminals are packed protected in airworthy robust suitcases. The suitcases weigh between 20 and 30kg depending on the terminal and can be checked in as regular luggage according to IATA, as no lithium batteries are included. Satellite phones usually have to be carried in the cabin due to IATA regulations (note these may vary by country of departure and airline). Batteries must be installed on the device and the device must be secured against accidental power-up. Spare batteries must be packed short-circuit-proof. Please check with your airline the current valid guidelines for the transport of batteries before check-in. In case of improper transport, confiscation or destruction by the airport, the renter is liable for the replacement value.

Entry regulations in countries with restrictions or prohibitions for satellite communication and technology

The renter is responsible for checking and complying with the current regulations. In case of unauthorized or illegal import of our equipment and resulting confiscation, the renter is liable for all legal consequences and the replacement value for the equipment. The resulting non-use of the rental object does not release the renter from the rental payment. Currently (as of 07/2021), the following countries are possibly affected: Cuba, North Korea, India, partially Russia, Syria, various countries in Africa. For governmental organizations or organizations with legitimate interest it is, to our knowledge, quite possible to obtain special permits for the import and use of satellite communications from the national representation in Austria. In such a case, please inform us before signing the lease agreement.

technical specification

Data transmission

  • Standard IP data connection up to 704 kbit/s download 352 kbit/s upload
  • Streaming IP data connection 14 kbit/s up to 256 kbit/s upload/download
  • 3x Voices VoIP


  • 3x RJ-45 LAN
  • 1x RJ-45 WAN PoE class 2, 6.5W
  • 1x RJ-14 POTS
  • GPIO (RS-232, Distress), socket D-SUB 15 pin
  • TNC female Socket for Antenna cable
  • SMA reverse, WLAN Antenna, 802.11b/g, range 10-20m outdoors

Power supply

  • Input 10-32 V DC
  • 12 V DC (direct current), 11 A max
  • incl. power supply for external HGA-2 Antenna 24V DC

Size and Weight

  • Terminal 3,4kg, 305mm x 229mm x 60mm
  • Antenna 3,2kg, 356mm x 200mm


  • Vibration and shock MIL STD 810G
  • Dust and splash water
  • Antenna IP67
  • Terminal IP31
  • Operating temperature Antenna -40°C to +55°C
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