Reference: IRI-PrP-GUT

Brand: Iridium

Iridium Prepaid Credits

Iridium prepaid SIM card activated for all Iridium phones This credit can be used only for SIM cards activated by us.When ordering, please enter your Iridium phone number and SIM card number in the additional fields.If you urgently need new credit and have no access to our webshop, please contact us 24/7 at our hotline number 0043 660 711 7777 via SMS or...

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Reference: TH-X5

Brand: Thuraya

Thuraya X5 Satphone Dual SIM (SAT/GSM) Android Smartphone

The only Satellite and GSM Smartphone in the World Smart, compact and always accessible With the Thuraya X5, the first true Satellite Smartphone with DUAL SIM for Sat and GSM/LTE, you are permanently connected to the phone network in areas without cellular coverage, power outages or other disaster scenarios. Additionally, a data connection of up to 60/15...

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Reference: GS spotX

Brand: Globalstar

Finde me Spot X

Stay connected outside the cellular network with Spot X Simple, compact and lightweight Spot X provides bi-directional satellite messaging when you're not inside the network or don't have reliable network coverage.  Connect SPOT X to your smartphone via Bluetooth using the SPOT X app to access your contacts and easily communicate with family, friends and...

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Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS for short) is a compilation of technical facilities, services and rules for worldwide assistance in maritime distress and for the safety of navigation.                                                                                                                

GMDSS also consists of the following components:

Mobile Maritime Radio Service, consisting of marine and coastal radio stations capable of transmitting and receiving a distress call by means of voice radio and Digital Selective Calling (DSC).

Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPRIB), emergency radio beacons that provide a distress signal to satellites, sometimes with position data.

COSPAS/SARSAT, polar orbiting and geostationary satellites (Iridium) for locating and receiving distress messages from EPIRBs.

Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCC), operations centers for coordinating assistance.

Inmarsat: geostationary satellites for communications.

Iridium: polar orbiting satellites for worldwide communications.

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Reference: LT-3100S

Brand: Iridium

Thrane LT-3100S Iridium GMDSS Terminal

The LT-3100S GMDSS terminal from Lars Thrane A/S is the first GMDSS solution to be available for Iridium's 100% global coverage GMDSS service. It provides, not only, the key services for GMDSS compliance - such as Distress Alert and Maritime Safety Information (MSI) - but also incorporates non-GMDSS features - non-priority voice, data and SMS - in one...

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