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Thuraya Prepaid SIMs for Thuraya phones

The Thuraya Pre Paid SIM Card for all Thuraya Phones This Thuraya SIM Card fits all Thuraya Satellite Phones (XT, XT light, XT PRO, SatSleeve, SatSleeve+, Hotspot, X5). The SIM Card is a MINI/MICRO/NANO SIM and therefore fits all Thuraya Satellite Phones. The Pre Paid SIM card is available as Thuraya NOVA SIM and as Thuraya Standard SIM. The NOVA SIM card...

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Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone

The hardest Iridium Satellite Phone for the whole World Easy to Use, Robust and Weatherproof With the Iridium Extreme 9575 you hold one of the most robust satellite phones in your hands with which you are reliably connected all over the world on land, at sea, on the mountain, in the valley, in the Arctic and Antarctica. Use voice, text and mail for your...

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Iridium Prepaid SIM

The Iridium Pre Paid SIM card for all Iridium Satellite Phones This Iridium Pre Paid SIM card fits all Iridium Satellite Phones (Extreme 9575, Iridium 9555, Iridium GO!). The SIM card is a MINI SIM. Iridium Pre Paid SIM cards can be charged with different credit packages with different validity periods. The smallest package is 70min for 30days. Unused...

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Iridium Prepay Credits

Iridium prepaid SIM card activated for all Iridium phones This credit can be used only for SIM cards activated by us.When ordering, please enter your Iridium phone number and SIM card number in the additional fields.If you urgently need new credit and have no access to our webshop, please contact us 24/7 at our hotline number 0043 660 711 7777 via SMS or...

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the first and only BGAN terminal to support Inmarsat's High Data Rate On Demand streaming service.
  • the first and only BGAN terminal to support Inmarsat's High Data Rate On Demand streaming service.

Rent Inmarsat BGAN Explorer 710


With the Inmarsat BGAN Explorer 710, the fastest BGAN ever.

Fast, smart and simple

The first and only BGAN terminal to support Inmarsat's full High Data Rate on-demand streaming service. With speeds averaging 650 kbps, the EXPLORER 710 sets a new standard for mobile video newsgathering. Double the speed with Plug & Play Bonding, simply connect two EXPLORER 710 terminals with an Ethernet cable and achieve streaming rates of over 1 Mbp.

The Inmarsat BGAN EXPLORER 710 is at the forefront of a new era of high-speed portable satellite streaming BGAN terminals and is an advanced communications tool for broadcasting and other IP-based industrial applications.

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The world's smallest and lightest BGAN Class 1 terminal.

BGAN but faster

EXPLORER 710 provides instant streaming rates above 600 kbit / s when using new high data rate streaming.

With EXPLORER 710, you can use the fastest on-demand video streaming via satellite with guaranteed QoS to improve the quality of live broadcasts and remote communications.

Unique capabilities

EXPLORER 710 continues the tradition of technology leadership that began with the introduction of the first BGAN terminal in 2005. EXPLORER 710 introduces several advanced new features.

Uniquely, signals from multiple EXPLORER 710 terminals can be interconnected via Ethernet to achieve IP streaming rates of 1 Mbps or higher - closer to broadcast quality with standard definition.

Bring your own device

EXPLORER 710 also introduces smartphone apps to the world of BGAN connectivity, allowing users to wirelessly connect their own devices for voice calls and connectivity.

It's lightweight, compact, rugged and incredibly reliable. It opens up more ways to connect devices and offers more flexibility. It's ultra-portable, so you can be set up within minutes of arriving on site.

Next Generation

EXPLORER 710 is the complete package with features like a USB host interface, hot-swappable batteries, a user-friendly LED display and multiple interfaces.

It is the smallest and lightest Class 1 BGAN terminal in the world and the first platform to use new high data rate streaming as standard. So it is a true next-generation BGAN terminal.


  • Multi-user Terminal
  • Automatic startup when mains power is connected
  • Remote maintenance (Remote Management)
  • Phone, VoIP, Fax, VPN, Internet, Email
  • Explorer Connect APP for Mac iOS and Android for VoIP (SIP softphone, integrated SIP server)
  • one voice and several data connection possible at the same time
  • video conferencing and video streaming
  • Managmnet of own data profiles with allocation of bandwidth for individual services, for example VoIP and separate APN´s
  • Web interface and Antenna alignment wizard
  • Web interface (languages UK, FR, DE, ES, RU, Chinese, Japanese)
  • BGAN bandwidth can be doubled by bonding 2 devices together (bonding)
  • Connecting of a 2nd battery possible (hot-sawp)
  • Extension for GSM LTE modem possible


Product Details

Rental Terms

Choosing the right data terminal

The first selection criterion is the destination and the method of travel
Are you traveling by car, on land, or by sea with your own or chartered boat?
Your travel destination is also decisive with regard to the selection of the right terminal and satellite network, since, for example, there are fewer network providers to choose from for the Atlantic than for the Mediterranean or the Arabian Sea.  From a technical point of view, what is relevant for the selection is which Internet services you will need for your trip or deployment. If you are mainly concerned with tracking, short text messages or short weather information, other devices can be used than for broadband connections with which you can surf the Internet almost as usual and create all services from apps to VPN connections directly to your corporate network. To determine the hardware and provider, it is advisable to make a rough calculation of the expected data volume to find the most cost-effective tariff for you. When using your own IT hardware, it makes sense to install a laptop, tablet or smartphone with only the software you actually need. Keep in mind that many apps want to "call home" permanently and do so, causing very high data consumption very quickly, which can be very expensive. A properly set up firewall or an app like NETGUARD for Android, tablets and smartphones can prevent unwanted traffic. It is possible to set up consumption limits on the operator side that block access when a certain level of consumption is reached. It should be noted that the consumption count does not always run in real time but can also be delayed by various factors and the set limit can also be exceeded. We expressly point out that each tenant and all their users are fully responsible for consumption and will be charged without deduction. With regard to the importance of maintaining communication at sea or away from any mobile phone coverage, a full lockout of the terminal can become critical as it is then no longer possible to communicate in an emergency. Experience has shown that the data consumption predicted for the voyage was usually higher than expected, so it is usually much cheaper to use a larger data package to be able to surf the Internet more carefree and save yourself high costs. Installation and assembly, with the terminals offered by us for renting, assembly devices for KFZ and boat are included. On car roofs you use magnetic feet and for mounting on the boat a mast holder for vertical masts. With the antenna cable you connect the terminal below deck or inside the vehicle on boat and car. Depending on the terminal, this can be connected by 12V or 110/230V. When laying the cable, please note that these high-quality but sensitive high-frequency cables must not be kinked, pinched or otherwise damaged.

Telephoning with data terminals

Depending on the manufacturer and network operator, the terminals are equipped with a telephony module or can be used with VoIP phones or apps.  Certus offers 3 phone numbers in the Inmarsat network directly on the terminal or VoIP depending on the service, in the network of Thuraya you use VoIP or the Thuraya Talk App. Please note that for VoIP connections, depending on the provider of the VoIP service, a certain data consumption will be charged per MB.

The right SIM card for your destination

In order for us to offer the most cost-effective tariff option for your trip, please inform us about your destination. For example, Thuraya offers the NOVA SIM card, which is cheaper in NOVA countries, and the Standard SIM, which is much cheaper for use on marine areas in international waters.

Travel with data terminals and phones

Our rental data terminals are packed protected in airworthy robust suitcases. The suitcases weigh between 20 and 30kg depending on the terminal and can be checked in as regular luggage according to IATA, as no lithium batteries are included. Satellite phones usually have to be carried in the cabin due to IATA regulations (note these may vary by country of departure and airline). Batteries must be installed on the device and the device must be secured against accidental power-up. Spare batteries must be packed short-circuit-proof. Please check with your airline the current valid guidelines for the transport of batteries before check-in. In case of improper transport, confiscation or destruction by the airport, the renter is liable for the replacement value.

Entry regulations in countries with restrictions or prohibitions for satellite communication and technology

The renter is responsible for checking and complying with the current regulations. In case of unauthorized or illegal import of our equipment and resulting confiscation, the renter is liable for all legal consequences and the replacement value for the equipment. The resulting non-use of the rental object does not release the renter from the rental payment. Currently (as of 07/2021), the following countries are possibly affected: Cuba, North Korea, India, partially Russia, Syria, various countries in Africa. For governmental organizations or organizations with legitimate interest it is, to our knowledge, quite possible to obtain special permits for the import and use of satellite communications from the national representation in Austria. In such a case, please inform us before signing the lease agreement.

technical specification

Data transmission

  •     Standard IP up to 492kb/s
  •     Streaming IP 32, 64, 128, 256 kbps and X-Stream
  •     High Data Rate Streaming up to 650kbps


  •     1 telephone fax port (RJ11), connection to telephone systems (PBX capable)
  •     1 ISDN port (RJ45), up to 8 devices and total power of 1W
  •     2 Ethernet (RJ45), 1 with PoE, max 100m cable length
  •     WLAN access point IEEE 802.11 b/g/n for up to 10 users simultaneously
  •     1 USB (vers 2.0), max 2A charging current
  •     antenna connectors terminal TNC female, antenna TNC female

Power supply

  •     DC input 10-32V (direct current)
  •     Power supply input 100-240V, 47-63Hz, 64W, output 19V DC
  •     Litihium Ion battery 5.700 mAh

          Standby 24h

          Transmission time (25°C)

          Transmit 2h 30min - 144kb/s

          Transmit 1h 30min - 650kb/s

          Receive 3h 30min - 492kb/s

Power consumption

  •   Intelligent Power Management 65W (max)

Size and weight

  •     Weight 3,2kg (battery included)
  •     Size 332 x 279 x 54mm


  •     Protection class terminal IP52, antenna IP66
  •     Working temperature -25°C to 55°C
  •     Storage temperature (without battery) -40°C to 80°C
  •     Relative humidity 95% non-condensing at 40°C


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